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Why Reedy?

Descriptive metadata is one of the major drivers of a book's success. Here at Reedy, we believe in a future where every book has the chance to succeed, and more than one chance to shine. We're not just creating tools; we're building bridges – between publishers and audiences, between data and decisions, between today’s challenges and tomorrow’s triumphs.

Backlist Revitalization

Reedy’s intelligent metadata optimization breathes new life into your backlist, increasing discoverability by ensuring your titles align with market trends and are easily found by readers.

Smart Metadata Optimization

Collaborating with publishing experts and validated by sales and ranking data, Reedy’s AI engine helps you generate high-quality descriptive metadata that matches your audience’s preferences and search terms.

AI as Your Publishing Partner

Maintain editorial control with Reedy, where AI serves as your assistant, not your driver. You decide the level of autonomy to give to AI, ensuring it complements your workflow.

Data-Driven Trend Analysis

Easily connect your books to the most relevant trends with Reedy, enhancing visibility and driving profitability by staying ahead of the market curve.

Who is this product for?

Your Ultimate
Publishing Sidekick

Metadata Manager

Easily target your audience with metadata that adheres to best practices, saving you valuable time and ensuring accuracy.


Leverage Reedy's insights to stay ahead of the curve by tapping into current trends and making informed decisions for your catalog.

Marketing Manager

Collaborate seamlessly across departments and stay updated with the latest industry trends, refining your strategies with Reedy’s insightful data.

Unlock the Power of Metadata

How Reedy Works

Discover the process behind Reedy’s intelligent metadata optimization. From generating precise metadata to aligning with market trends, here’s how Reedy transforms your publishing workflow.

Step One

Spot the Trends

Dive into the latest market trends with Reedy’s insightful analytics. Identify what’s hot and tailor your strategy to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your titles are always in sync with what readers want.

Step Two

Find Your Next Hit

Effortlessly search and discover books within your backlist that have the potential to shine. Reedy helps you pinpoint titles that can benefit from a metadata makeover, maximizing their visibility and sales potential.

Step Three

Optimise Metadata

Transform your metadata with Reedy’s intelligent optimization tools. From refining keywords to crafting compelling descriptions, Reedy ensures every detail is perfected to boost discoverability and align with market trends.

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In the past I did a lot of guesswork. Now I can easily get inspired by AI generations based on best practices
— Renee Wells
Metadata Manager


What’s Coming Next

Discover the exciting features we’re developing to meet your specific needs and elevate your publishing process.

Suggest THEMA and BISAC Categories

Get accurate category recommendations based on your book's content for better discoverability and ranking.

Show Search Volume

See the search volume of any term to better understand its popularity and relevance.

Backlist Status Insights

Access detailed insights into your backlist’s current status and identify areas for improvement.

Precision Search Filters

Narrow down your search with detailed filters, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Community Trend Insights

Explore trends driven by specific communities to gain deeper insights.

Your Questions, Answered

Does Reedy integrate with our database and work on my personal computer?

Reedy is accessed directly from your browser – no installation needed. We set up a direct data feed for your ONIX files, ensuring Reedy is always in sync with your latest database updates.

How can I determine which titles need their metadata updated?

We offer three flexible approaches:
1. Direct Selection via Pre-Selected ISBNs
2. Insight-Driven Selection Based on Market Trends
3. Customizable Backlist Filtering

Please book a demo to explore these features.

What is the process for getting started with the tool?

Our team assists with integrating your ONIX file data and trends preferences, followed by a training session. We fine-tune the tool to match your needs and provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth experience.

Is it possible to collaborate with colleagues within the tool?

Yes! Reedy supports teamwork with features like project filtering by owner and company-wide project views, ensuring efficient collaboration and organization.

How automated is the process for generating new keywords and descriptions?

Reedy uses a 'Human in the Loop' approach. You can rely on AI to generate content or edit auto-generated content yourself, balancing AI efficiency with human creativity.

Can I leverage Reedy for tasks beyond generating new metadata?

Absolutely! Reedy offers: Search Your Backlist: Find titles by specific topics or themes. Match Market Trends: Align your backlist with current market trends for better marketing strategies.

How does metadata generation work?

To develop our product core, we collaborated with industry and metadata experts to ensure it remains current and effective and we developed the following process:
Advanced ONIX Analysis: Understand your work’s specifics and tailor insights to your audience and genre.
Multilingual Prompts: Incorporate diverse linguistic insights for comprehensive metadata generation.
Description Generation: Evaluate all relevant ONIX variables and your specific requests, assign significant  levels to each, and SEO best practices to generate a captivating and market optimized description.
Keywords Generation: Evaluate various ONIX variables to replicate expert-driven keyword enhancement, add additional keywords tailored to the content to ensure no element is overlooked.

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